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My Ice Cream Dream / Nightmare

As a kid, did you ever beg and beg and beg to eat ice cream morning, noon, and night?

I did.  It was a dream that my parents fought and killed each time that sugary dragon reared its ugly head.  They were good parents.

Well, this past week, I had a severe throat problem – I couldn’t swallow.  Literally.  I didn’t have strep, thankfully, but it was still a very real and scary problem.

After an emergency trip to my doctor, it was determined that my throat was so swollen, so irritated, so damaged that I was given the following directions: no chewing, no hot food/liquids, no talking for three days.  Only cold, smooth, and soft foods.  If it required using my teeth, I wasn’t allowed to eat it.

Oh hell yeah!  I drove home, wrote a grocery list for my son, consisting of every flavor of ice cream I was going to splurge on, and kicked back, ready to live out my childhood dream of all ice cream, all the time…

… and in less than one day, I declared ice cream my enemy.  If I never eat another bowl, cup, shake, smoothie, or spoonful of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or pudding ever again in life – it’ll be too soon.

Turns out, my parents had a reason for refusing such a silly request.  Sugar-induced twitches and calorie overload comas aside… it’s just gross.  I never wanted spinach as badly as I wanted it on Saturday afternoon.  By Sunday, I was dreaming of chicken and rice.  Monday, I would have killed for meatloaf.

Nearly a week later, I no longer feel like I’m swallowing razor blades, and I can sit still without the tremors and jumps that an all ice cream diet induce.  So, I guess on one hand, the doctor knew what he was talking about. 

On the other hand… so did my parents.