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Second Book Syndrome… and its cure.

Is it a real thing? Probably not, but it is my job to make stuff up, so, it could be.

As a whole, you overwhelmingly welcomed Harper and Harrison (Hardened Hearts) with open arms. Their first five star review came only twelve hours after they were published... their first three star review came only a week later. For whatever reason, the thought that someone will have something bad to say about them ties my stomach in knots.

What if Hardened Hearts was a fluke? Beginners luck? A one-hit wonder?

Crippled by fear, self-doubt, and a couple of three-star reviews, I buried myself, along with Austin and Addison in re-writes, endless edits – a.k.a. Procrastination Paradise. Then... Gage wouldn't stop talking to me. Sharp is not a man to be silenced for long. I can't really work on all these other people until I finally let Austin go.

So for two years, I can safely say that I suffered (greatly) from Second Book Syndrome. It's a debilitating disorder that can only be cured by the simplest of things... plotting book 3.

Before I do that, I give to you Austin's Apology. A book where Austin Stewart was an agent without emotions - until he almost lost one of his own. Addison Malloy nearly died as an agent, and has been running from the cartel that wants her dead. Now Austin has found her and he needs her back in the field. He swears he has changed, but can Addison overcome her hatred enough to accept Austin's apology, and trust him to protect her as she faces danger again?

I enjoyed writing him – especially when he gave me such great insight to the other team members, and their future stories. I hope you enjoy his journey as much as I did!