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Will the Teams series have to be read in order?
Technically, no... but Hardened Hearts, being the first book written, will set up the basis for the series. Everyone else's books can be read out of order.

What other Teams members will get books?
Right now, plans are in the works for Austin, Gage, Sharp and one other team member... but I won't say who that is just yet. Maybe, in their books other characters will develop enough to join the series, but for now, that's all that is planned.

Will you write more books, or is the Teams your only series?
The Teams started it all, so they'll be written first, but there will be another series coming soon called Culver Cove, and another smaller series after that. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to write a few stand-alone books as well.

What does your husband/boyfriend think of the action filled romantic world you've created?
I don't have a husband... or a boyfriend... (sigh)... and now I'm sad...

Will Senator Brenner's story ever be told?
Nope. In a way, he told his own story in Hardened Hearts, so think of it as he sacrificed his own book so that other stories could be told. At least, that's how I choose to look at it.

Where can we find your books in print?
Short answer: You can't. Longer answer: Because I'm self-published, the books are available only in digital formats. Wishful answer: One day... one day.

Do you have a favorite Teams member/couple?
Yes I do... thanks for asking.

Harper, Harrison, Hardened Hearts... is there a pattern here?
You found me out. I am a little (lot) OCD... so yeah, chances are the characters will always find their counterparts with names – either first or last - starting with the same letter. (Sneak Peak: Austin & Addison, Gage & Genna, Sharp &... well... you get the idea.)

I can't wait! Just tell me... who killed Rob?
If you really can't wait... the answer is: (You didn't really think I'd tell you, did ya?)